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A first-of-its-kind Training and Certification program designed to educate you in your journey to becoming a Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach.

Our Student Policies

Please review our student policy below. If you have any questions, please contact us here.


Please come knowing that this is an accountable place to open up, practice, and explore. There is no wrong. We expect you to be coaching in the classroom, as well as outside of the classroom. The practice of coaching is a big piece here in your learning. In addition, you will be asked to be coached both in the classroom and in practice with your fellow participants.


Please show up for class on time, fully participating. If you will be late or need to miss a class, email your educator as soon as possible.


Come as your authentic self, open to learning. We are all learners; students and educators learning in this space together.

Zoom Recordings

All sessions will be recorded and provided to participants via a password-protected Vimeo link until 30 days after the session for your convenience, however the Zoom recordings do not replace in person instruction.

Missed Classes

If you miss a class, you will be expected to watch the video recording and email the instructor with your takeaways or questions. We discourage missing class and you may only miss a total of 6 hours of live classes during the program. After this time is missed, you will need to make up the live instruction time at an extra cost of $150/hour to make up hours missed. This is to meet the requirement of the ICF for the attendance of synchronous class time.


Everything in this class is kept between the classroom’s virtual walls. Respect your fellow participant’s privacy. Classroom materials are intended for your use as a participant. Classroom recordings must not be shared to honor the confidentiality of all participants.

Observation and Mentoring

You must fully participate in class coaching; it is necessary for you to be able to meet the requirements to pass this course by having us evaluate/mentor/and observe your coaching. One-on-one mentoring, to be completed with both Aditi Loveridge and Carol Vickers. 

Completion of Course

In order to successfully pass this course and receive your certification you need to complete a written assignment, a recorded oral exam provided to Seeds of Growth, and 10 coaching hours to begin the third part of training. 

Payment Plan

Seeds of Growth: Grief Education will invoice the Student monthly, unless otherwise noted in the Payment schedule. The Student agrees to pay the invoice(s) by the due date(s) specified. Unpaid or overdue invoices may result in suspension or termination of the training. 

Payment Methods

Payment will be made to the Seeds of Growth via e-transfer to or through the payment program, on the agreed upon payment day.

Cancellation Policy

The Seeds of Growth: Grief Education has a cancellation policy that protects both the attending student and Seeds of Growth: Grief Education. We want the new students to be protected as they venture into professional coach training.

Here are the details of our Refund Policy:

  • Withdrawal after accepted registration: 75% refund of the course tuition paid.

  • Withdrawal before class #2 is attended: 50% refund of the course tuition.

  • After Class #2 there will be no refund granted.


Bereavement is time is for making funeral arrangements, attending the funeral and burial, paying respects to the family at a wake or visitation, dealing with the deceased’s possessions and will, and any ancillary matters that one must address when a loved one dies. Bereavement covers Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

Complaint or Grievance Policy

Should you find that you have concerns or issues during your training, we encourage you to contact your instructors right away. We invite an environment of open communication and will make time to speak with you as soon as possible. If you prefer to speak with our CEO, you may contact Danyelle at

Please know that the ICF takes complaints regarding Accredited Coach Education providers very seriously. You can contact them directly at

We provide new information as the classes progress. The material and live training have been created to effectively teach a skill and also provide information that will aid the student in developing their coaching ability and awareness. We are providing proprietary information that will be presented throughout the six-week program.

Ethics, Integrity & Transparency

We hold absolute belief that each person is whole and complete. We encourage and support self-awareness, transformation and action. We constantly check ourselves and the principles and policies of the learning organization to be sure we remain true to our commitment to provide the highest standard of education. We make our policies openly available for everyone and invite dialogue and questions to be sure they are clear and concise. We respect our students as unique and promise to provide training that supports their learning. We are accessible for conversations and additional guidance.

Individually, we are engaged in continuous learning and coaching to stay healthy and supported in our own journeys. We model open communication and honest dialogue. We are honored by the privilege to bear witness and partner with our students.