Do you want to...

make a meaningful impact?
be a part of creating safe spaces for pregnancy and infant loss?
build a career doing what fills your soul?
gain the knowledge, tools and skills to build a meaningful practice?
delve deeper into your own self?
connect with others who have a passion to serve?
get your pregnancy and infant loss coach certification?

If so, then join our one-of-a-kind training program led by experts in the field of Pregnancy and Infant loss and Bereavement.

Students love the program!

“This was best training I’ve ever taken…”

“Honestly, the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coaching course was the best coach training I’ve ever taken! Not only will this training help me to provide the best possible service to my future clients, but I also learned a ton about myself as a human and coach. If you want to improve your understanding of grief and loss for yourself and for your clients, then this program is for you!”

“I’m so grateful I followed my intuition…”

“Seeds of Growth is an incredible coaching education program. The program is interactive and explores many key elements that are imperative when working with clients navigating pregnancy and infant loss. The course facilitators are compassionate and empathetic souls who are deeply invested in this work and therefore go above and beyond to teach and support you on this journey. Fellow students who participated in this course are also the most beautiful souls who helped create a supportive and empowering learning environment. I am so grateful I followed my intuition and signed up for this program. It has already transformed my life. Thank you Seeds of Growth. Your knowledge and education will touch the lives of many.”

“It is very hard to put into words how life changing this training has been for me…”

It is very hard to find the words for how life changing this training has been for me. Finding the Seeds of Growth Academy after the death of my son and launching myself into Grief Education in this way has been exactly what I needed in my healing journey. I have been able to truly shift my awareness around the depths of my grief and have learned to channel it into serving other people in such a poignant and necessary way. The SOGA Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coaching Training Program is deeply important and needed work on the planet. I’m so happy and grateful for Aditi, Danyelle and Carol’s work to bridge the gap and better support Loss families and all who are affected when a child is lost at any time in the pregnancy journey. Our lost babies matter and our grief matters. WE matter. This training has provided me with the strength and tools to go out into our community and make the impact my heart deeply desires to make – knowing how devastating losing our son has been on my family and life.

Joëlle CW
“Highly recommend it…”

“The Pregnancy and Infant Loss coaching program gave me the confidence and valuable tools needed to be able to begin my journey as a coach. Aditi and Carol provided support and knowledge to all of us as well as lots of positive feedback on our coaching skills. Danyelle kept us all organized from week to week and provided us all with the learning modules needed for each session. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a certified Pregnancy and Infant Loss coach.”

“I began to recognize how completely supported I was…”

“I was terrified to step into this training, yet that fear quickly alchemized into possibility as I began to recognize how completely supported by Aditi, Carol, Danyelle, and classmates I was.

I started to unfold stories in my personal life in a way I did not have the space to before this training and the personal healing I have experienced has been profound. I am claiming aspects of my identity and shifting into alignment with myself in ways I had wanted, yet was uncertain how to do.

I had also been caught up in the “”doing”” of grieving, so when the focus of the training invited us to come deeper into the “”being”” parts of grieving, I was shook. Being still in grief is not fully encouraged in our capitalist, colonial culture. We want to fix it, get out of it, move on and keep it quiet, to ourselves. In my own experience, and in the lives of people around me, I see how when we find space to BE we can gain the healing that we long for.

I came into the training knowing that I wanted to hold that kind of space for other people, allowing all of it, staying there, creating a sacred way through it. Turns out, I had to learn to do that for myself, first. I’m prepared now. I’m still scared, but I now see how if I move just a couple of the letters around in that word “scared” it spells “sacred”. Aditi, Danyelle and Carol have knit the spiritual and sacred into this training. I am so grateful I took the leap and signed up when I did.”

“Mind blown…”

“Mind blown. I did not know what to expect when I signed up for this training and I got so much more than I could have ever thought possible. “

Melissa F