The Microdose method™️

Become a Certified Grief & Loss Coach and change lives with our evidence-based proprietary framework for navigating loss.

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It's time to learn a new way to grieve

Step away from outdated models of grief processing and discover The Microdose Method™️. This method gives you a meaningful framework to support yourself and others, while building a career that fulfills your soul and brings purpose to your life.

What would it feel like to...

>> Confidently navigate even the most complex grief situations with a proven, step-by-step framework

>> Provide your clients with life-changing tools and techniques for processing loss and finding renewed purpose

>> Witness profound healing and growth as your clients learn to thrive again after devastating loss

>> Establish yourself as the go-to grief coach in your community, with a reputation for exceptional results

>> Experience the unparalleled fulfillment of making a tangible, lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most

This program is right for you if...

>> You have personally experienced loss and want to change how people are supported through loss and grief

>> You are a professional (therapist, counselor, social worker, doula, healthcare worker, HR professional) looking to deepening your grief support skills

>> You’re ready to enhance your professional development with a unique certification.

>> You’re dedicated to processing your own loss while helping others navigate theirs.

Please note that no previous professional experience is required.

Our Grief & Loss Certification Program transcends traditional professional development by offering a space where you can authentically discuss the profound impacts of loss without needing to “censor” yourself. Here, you’ll delve into the transformative Microdose Method, an evidence-based approach that allows you to process grief in small, manageable increments. Unlike the constraints of “regular” society, this space allows for genuine, open dialogue, fostering deep, transformative growth. 

Find a way forward through grief

Are you a passionate coach or helping professional ready to make a profound difference in the lives of those grieving? The Microdose Method™ Certification Program is an evidence based framework that equips you with the cutting-edge tools, techniques, and supports that you need to guide your clients through loss and towards healing with unparalleled skill and compassion.

As a Microdose Method™ Certified Coach, you'll:

-> Master a groundbreaking, evidence-based approach to grief coaching
-> Acquire a robust toolkit of practical interventions and exercises
-> Develop the confidence to hold space for any type of loss
-> Join a thriving community of like-minded, purpose-driven coaches
-> Elevate your professional credibility and marketability

What's inside the program

Using our proprietary MICRODOSE METHOD™️, we guide our clients through the complexities of grief by breaking down overwhelming emotions into small, manageable steps.

This innovative, evidence-based approach transforms how you support others, making the healing process more accessible and sustainable.

What’s inside our Grief & Loss Certification program:

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Joining the Grief & Loss Coach Certification Program was a life-changing experience for me. The Microdose Method is incredibly gentle and effective, and the personal development component helped me navigate my own grief in a way I never thought possible. The live training sessions were interactive and engaging, and having direct mentorship from the creator of the method was invaluable. I now feel confident and equipped to support others through their grief journey. Highly recommend this program!” – Sarah M.

“As someone who has experienced significant loss, I wanted to find a way to help others, but I didn’t know where to start. The Grief & Loss Coach Certification Program provided me with everything I needed. The comprehensive eBook and interactive workbook were fantastic resources, and the live sessions allowed me to practice and refine my skills. The bonus pregnancy and infant loss training was particularly impactful. This program not only prepared me to be a grief coach but also helped me process my own grief in a meaningful way.” – James R.

“I was hesitant at first about enrolling in an online certification program, but the Grief & Loss Coach Certification exceeded all my expectations. The Microdose Method is a revolutionary approach to grief that really works. The support from mentors and the community was amazing, and I felt connected every step of the way. This program has given me the tools and confidence to make a real difference in people’s lives. If you’re considering becoming a grief coach, this is the program for you!” – Emily T.

Enrollment Bonuses

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Self-Directed Training–over 20 hours of self directed teachings around stigma, impact, and how to support people through their reproductive journeys, including miscarriage, stillbirth, TFMR, abortion, infertility and many more.

Ebook: What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say: To a Griever and As a Griever– 32 pages of tangible phrases that you can implement right away to create more meaningful dialogue.

Workbook: A New Way to Grieve: Microsteps for processing Loss in Your Darkest Moments – 70 pages of teachings and exercises that includes 4 foundational microsteps to healing through loss.

Access to Expert Mentors & Community through private chat platform–join our private member platform for support, insight and collective healing

Hi, We are Aditi & Danyelle

Together we specialize in developing resources and certifying grief & loss coaches in The Microdose Method™- an evidence-based approach to grief support that breaks free from the outdated “stages of grief” model and facilitates true, full-heart healing. We are on a mission to help change the narrative around loss and the way people are supported through life’s most complex times. 

Hi! I am Aditi Loveridge (she/her) I am the co-founder of Seeds of Growth, Grief Education Inc. and the Founder/CEO of the registered charity, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre.

My journey navigating many losses from pregnancy loss, divorce, health loss, and anticipatory grief as I watch my parents aging, fuels my dedication to support others.

I am Danyelle Kaluski (she/her), the co-founder of Seeds of Growth, Grief Education Inc. and co-founder/Director of Operations of the registered charity, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre.

Through the loss of my second daughter, Emelina in 2012, at 38 weeks pregnant, I have been active in normalizing the journey of loss, grieving and life after loss.

“The Microdose Method™️ has transformed the way I approach grief”

“The Grief & Loss Coach Certification Program is thorough, compassionate, and incredibly effective. The Microdose Method has transformed the way I approach grief, both personally and professionally. The live mentorship and community support were invaluable. I can’t recommend this program enough!”

Jane S

“This program is a game changer”

“This program is a game-changer for anyone looking to become a grief coach. The content is rich, the training is practical, and the support from mentors and peers is outstanding. The Microdose Method is a unique and powerful approach that truly makes a difference. Thank you for creating such a valuable resource!”

Robert H

“I was blown away”

“I was blown away by the depth and quality of this certification program. The combination of personal and professional development, along with the innovative Microdose Method, provided a holistic learning experience. The live training sessions were incredibly engaging, and the mentorship was top-notch. This program has equipped me with the skills and confidence to help others through their grief.

Linda P

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The Microdose method™️

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About the Program

Classes begin October 1, 2024 and end April 29, 2025. 

  • Section 1: October 1-29, 2024
  • Section 2: November 19- December 17, 2024
  • Section 3 January 14 to March 20, 2025
  • Section 4: April 1 to April 29, 2025

Every Tuesday evenings from 5:30-8 pm MST

Alternating Thursday evenings from 6-7:30 pm MST

After each section there is a small break to give space for independent learning and practice time.

We meet over zoom during class times. Outside of class you will have some independent learning time, practice sessions with fellow classmates, and mentorship with your instructor, Aditi.

Application Process

You can enroll for the program through our website. Simply follow the questions on the enrollment form, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a certified grief and loss coach

Once we receive your enrollment form, we will send you a registration form that will collect more information, including your deposit.

Once your deposit is paid,your spot in the program is saved (yay!). You will then receive a “What to Expect Now” email with course dates, a free promo code to receive our ebook What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say, and our Grief workbook A New Way to Grieve: Microsteps for Processing Loss in Your Darkest Moments. This email will also include a link to a chat group via our communication platform. Be sure to check for the email and we look forward to seeing you inside the program!


Yes, we have a 6 month payment plan. See our payment plan options here

We offer one partial scholarship for folks that are within the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities each cohort. No other scholarships are offered at this time.

Support and Resources

We offer robust support to all our students:

  • Dedicated Mentors: Access to mentors for personalized guidance and feedback.
  • Technical Support:Our team is available to assist with any technical issues you may encounter.
  • Community Forums:Participate in our online forums to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with other students and certified coaches.

Absolutely! Our instructors are here to help. You can reach out for one-on-one support or use the community forums to seek advice and insights from your instructors

Outcomes and Benefits

With a certification in Grief & Loss Coaching, you can:

  • Start your own coaching practice specializing in grief and loss.
  • Enhance your existing counseling or coaching practice by adding a specialized service.
  • Work with organizations that support individuals through loss, such as hospices, hospitals, and community groups.
  • Become a part of a growing field dedicated to providing compassionate and effective support to those navigating grief.

Our program is built on evidence-based practices and includes:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering all major aspects of grief and loss.
  • Practical Training:Through assignments and case studies that simulate real-life scenarios.
  • Ongoing Mentorship:  Regular feedback and assessments to track your progress and ensure competency.
  • Post-Certification Support: Continued access to resources and mentorship even after you’ve completed the program.

Additional Questions

If you’re passionate about helping others navigate grief and loss and are looking for a comprehensive and supportive learning environment, this program is likely a great fit for you. You’re welcome to speak with one of our advisors to discuss your goals and see if our program aligns.

We strive to ensure our program meets your needs and expectations. If you find that it’s not the right fit, please reach out to us. 

Here are the details of our Refund Policy:

  • Withdrawal 30 days prior to class: 75% refund of the course tuition paid.
  • Withdrawal after the first class: 50% refund of the course tuition.
  • After the first class  there will be no refund granted.

Absolutely. The program is designed to help you process your own grief while learning to support others. The Microdose Method Model is particularly effective for those currently navigating their own loss.

Yes! The program is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. We provide all the foundational knowledge and advanced techniques you need to become an effective grief and loss coach.

We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us through our website or reach out via email. We’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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